The entire Chadwicks team is professional, highly knowledgeable and 100% on the ball. Their response time is absolutely amazing, and they keep us updated at every single stage of the claims process.

We hold our personal and business insurance through Chadwicks and we are absolutely confident in their expertise. Our house was burgled a few years ago and we were cleaned out of all our jewellery, appliances and audio-visual equipment. The Chadwicks team were sympathetic and caring, and ensured that our full claim was processed and paid in record tim

Their response time is phenomenal. My emails are answered comprehensively within minutes, and I have never once had to follow up on a claim. They are very proactive about providing information upfront, especially in times of crisis such as loadshedding and the coronavirus pandemic. Professional and meaningful communication is always forthcoming.

We have personal relationships with individuals at all levels within Chadwicks – from the MD down. Every member of the team has in-depth knowledge of our unique circumstances and we have always received highly professional and personal service.

The entire Chadwicks team is highly knowledgeable when it comes to short term insurance and their advice is always on point. 

We recommend Chadwicks to all of our clients and can recommend them to anyone with full confidence.

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    Sue Torr

    CEO, Crue Invest