fast, friendly & simple

we have had the best broker serving us, since 2013
They take the pain out of claiming, ensuring our claims are paid quickly and fairly. Above all, we absolutely trust them.


fast, friendly & simple

Late claim may mean "No Claim”

All short term insurance policies contain a clause detailing the procedure when submitting claims. In general terms this clause compels you, the Insured, to give your insurers notice, as soon as reasonably possible, of any event which may give rise to a claim.

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Business Clients

Business Insurance is essentially split into two main categories in South Africa - standard Business Insurance products, which cater for many types of insurance risk in a single packaged product and Specilaised Business Insurance, which caters for niche and specialised risk areas, like Construction, Marine, Engineering etc.


Private Clients

Personal Insurance can be split into two main areas - standard Personal Insurance Products, which cater for a variety of risks in a single packaged product and High Net Worth insurance solutions for qualifying individuals.


What Our Clients Say

We have been clients of Chadwicks since 2005 and they have helped us with short-term insurance and comprehensive cover for our various businesses, properties, assets, our Farm and personal insurance over the years. We found them to be an ethical company, that takes pride in what they do. When dealing with the team from Chadwicks they ensure that they…

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Steward Matlala

The entire Chadwicks team is professional, highly knowledgeable and 100% on the ball. Their response time is absolutely amazing, and they keep us updated at every single stage of the claims process. We hold our personal and business insurance through Chadwicks and we are absolutely confident in their expertise. Our house was burgled a few years ago and we…

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Sue Torr

We are pleased to say that we have had the best broker serving us, since 2013. You often hear companies advertising great service and are disappointed. Not with Chadwicks, they do what they say – they consistently deliver excellent service, expert insurance advice and you get a clear sense that all their staff really care about their clients. …

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Justin Fenn

Excellent, efficient service and advice. Shopped around for cheaper premiums with the same level of cover and processed various claims with prompt payment times. Have never been let down. Always available to assist with queries and constant reviewing of policies. Chadwicks is a fantastic broker. I have been under their wings for almost 15 years and…

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Craig Solomon

We have been using Chadwicks for our business and personal short term insurance for many years and hope to continue for many more. Tim and his team offer exceptional service, expertise and care in all they do. On the occasions we have had to claim the team take a personal interest in the process ensuring that we…

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Shirley Mast

Chadwicks is one of the most efficient and effective companies I have dealt with over the years. They are highly professional and every interaction left me a satisfied customer. Initially Chadwicks assisted me to get the best cover at the best premium and to date no one could match it. The claims processes is always seamless and efficiently…

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Robert Den Tandt

I have been a client of Chadwicks for the last XXX years. and from the get go my experience has been beyond amazing! They are not only fast and efficient but I’ve always got the sense that I’m not “just another client”. Always clear in their communications and wonderfully friendly. The relationship is certainly not one of…

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Sophia Dewberry

Thank you for always going above and beyond and all your assistance over the years. Definitely a cut above the rest, on the ball, professional, an absolute pleasure to deal with. No problems when it came to us claiming every time. The restaurant was broken into and computers and various items stolen, we lost all…

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Bronwyn Peregrino

Its an honor to be associated with Chadwicks Risk & Insurance. Chadwicks have been our brokers for almost 20 years and have consistently provided us with their personalized service and expertise in their field to best ensure that the necessary risk cover in place to meet our tailored requirements at cost effective rates. We have…

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Craig Brown

Why Choose Chadwicks

At Chadwicks, we believe the “why”, is one of the most important considerations, when making an insurance service choice or appointment. Aside from offering great insurance products, we believe the “why” is found in our core client value offering, which is fundamentally what differentiates us from all the rest.

Our core client value offering, is that Chadwicks exists to to help you, by making insurance as “Fast, Friendly and Simple” as possible, leaving you confident, that when bad things happen, Chadwicks will be there, no matter what, to help make things better.

Plus we do all of this really fast, with a smile on our face - every single time you engage with us. This is our ongoing commitment to you and we believe this is why you should appoint Chadwicks to handle your short term insurances.

Chadwicks can personally guarantee you, that our customers consistently experience insurance on another level.


A landmark decision made by the Ombud for the Financial Service Providers has ruled against Nedbank Group Insurance Brokers for forcing the homeowner to insure via Nedbank.  In short Helena Dennis of Cape Town took a R400 000 home loan…

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Have you paid your premium? Are you underinsured? Is your car sum insured correct? Are all your portable assets correctly insured? What are the security requirements of your policy? Have you disclosed all material facts? Are you are aware of…

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The trigger for the cover is an accident (as opposed to illness) and the compensation is based on the sum insured you select on Death, Permanent Disability, Temporary Disability, and Medical Expenses. Medicals are not required and age acceptance limits…

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Risk Management

The old adage "prevention is better than cure" encapsulates the discipline of Enterprise Risk Management in South Africa in a nutshell.

Inadequate or deficient Enterprise Risk Management strategies not only result in certain business-threatening risks being uninsured but also equate to increased insurance claims under your insurance programme even when the risk is insured.


Insurance Claims

At Chadwicks Risk & Insurance, our approach to insurance claims is expressed in our company trademark:

"Insurance Fast, Friendly & Simple"

About Chadwicks


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Client Retention


Staff Continuity

Chadwicks Risk & Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is a short term insurance brokerage company in South Africa, based in Century City, Cape Town. We were established in 2003 to satisfy a clear consumer demand: a professional independent brokerage with a strong focus on service with the personal touch. It is no secret that we owe our success to an uncompromising commitment to deliver an excellent, professional brokering service throughout all aspects of our business.