Business Assets

All business have company assets in some shape or form. It could be cellphones and electronics for organizations in the services industry or massive plant, machinery, buildings and stock for businesses involved in manufacture. Regardless of the nature of the assets, Chadwicks can provide a bespoke insurance solution for your business assets.

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Fire & Natural Perils

Fire and natural disasters like floods, can occur at any time and without proper insurance cover, can put any business, out of business. Chadwicks are experts in designing and advising on catastrophe asset insurance, including particular cover for Buildings, Stock and Plant & Machinery and other contents.

Office Contents

Essentially particular cover, including Fire and Theft, for assets found in an office environment, except for Computer Data Processing Equipment, which must be insured under Electronic Equipment.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment is key to virtually any business these days. Electronic Assets like servers, computers, routers etc. are absolute essential for successful business operations. Wide cover is available to cover fire, theft, storm, accidental damage, plus a few other risks, like the cost to reinstate data and the costs to expedite rapid acquisitions of key electronic assets following a valid claim, to avoid potential turnover loss.

Business All Risks

The term “All Risks” in a sense, essentially explains the covered offered. This is the widest available cover for assets and basically looks to cover all the accidental risks the assets is exposed to, on and away form the insured risk address, except for events excluded by the insurance company.

Commercial Motor

Essentially insurance cover for commercial motor vehicles used for business purposes. Cover can range from Third Party cover only, Third Party-Fire-And-Theft cover and lastly, the widest and most common form of cover, Accident-Third Party-Fire-And-Theft (often termed Comprehensive).

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