Personal Liability

A common mistake made by some people, is to only concentrate on the insurance of their own assets (sometimes called first party insurance).While securing comprehensive insurance cover on your assets is key, transferring the insurable risk exposure you have as a natural person to third parties, is critically important. Most standard personal policies automatically include Personal Liability. Extended Personal Liability on the other hand must be requested - Chadwicks strongly recommends that Extended Personal Liability cover is taken - the premium sacrifice is minimal, when compared to high limit of indemnity that is secured.

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As a natural person, you are exposed to liabilty risks to third parties everyday, even if you don’t leave the comfort of your own home. For example, your pet dog may attack and bite a visitor to your house,causing grievous bodily injury or death.

Personal liability, essentially looks to cover your personal liability towards third parties, usually on a world wide basis. This cover is a. dry important part of your insurance package.

The financial consequences of your legal liability are infinite – the example given above points to this. It follows that you should opt for the highest possible sum insured.

Extended Personal Legal Liability, essentially looks to do just this – it extends your sum insured by millions of Rands and also widens the cover slightly,all at a nominal premium cost.

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