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The why, is certainly one of the most important questions any client can ask their broker. We hope the answers below satisfy what is important to you, and if they do, we would love to hear from you.

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Why Choose Chadwicks

We are sure you are probably asking yourself, why you would choose Chadwicks, instead of another service provider.

One way of answering that, is to find out what our existing clients say - please visit “What Our Clients Say” on our home page.

Another way, is for us to answer this question for you - at Chadwicks, we believe the “why”, is one of the most important considerations, when making an insurance service choice or appointment.

Aside from offering great insurance products, we believe the “why” is found in our core client value offering, which is fundamentally what differentiates us from all the rest.

Our core client value offering, is that Chadwicks exists to to help you, by making insurance as “Fast, Friendly and Simple” as possible, leaving you confident, that when bad things happen, Chadwicks will be there, no matter what, to help make things better.

Plus we do all of this really fast, with a smile on our face - every single time you engage with us. This is our ongoing commitment to you and we believe this is why you should appoint Chadwicks to handle your short term insurances.

Chadwicks can personally guarantee you, that our customers consistently experience insurance on another level.

20 Compelling Reasons to Choose Chadwicks Short Term Insurance Brokers:

  1. Cost. Chadwicks short term insurance brokers ensure that your risk is priced correctly. In most cases we are successful in securing new clients premium savings in excess of 20%. Existing clients? Chadwicks "Best Practice" standard ensures that your premium spend remains the best available in local and international insurance markets
  2. Committed. An uncompromising commitment to our trade mark : "Best Advice, Best Practice, Best Service"
  3. Professional. At Chadwicks we strive to build long term client partnerships based on professionalism and integrity. We believe that the insurance transaction is underpinned by service, excellent personal client relationships and in the final analysis is about the prompt and fair settlement of claims
  4. Personalised. As independent brokers we place a heavy emphasis on personalized service - you will never become a number in our organization
  5. Experienced. Your account will be handled by insurance experts. Collectively, the founders of Chadwicks have in excess of 40 years experience in risk and insurance
  6. Licensed. Chadwicks is licensed by the Financial Services Board (Licence Number : 38314) to offer specialized advice on all financial risk transfer, including Commercial & Industrial insurance, Personal insurance, Marine insurance, Liability insurance and Construction insurance.
  7. Access. You are assured of independent advice at all times in that Chadwicks Risk & Insurance has access to all the registered insurers in South Africa, including Lloyds. Independent advice simply means that as your broker is not contracted to one insurer, he is in a position to offer you an objective view. The result? The Best Product at the Best Price.
  8. Leaders. Collectively (as an association of brokers) Chadwicks services in excess of 60 Million Rand's premium per annum, making us one of the largest and leading independent brokers in the Western Cape and South Africa
  9. Support. You are provided access to in excess of 40 professional insurance staff members via Chadwicks Risk & Insurance Brokers.
  10. Risk Management. Chadwicks conducts a Risk & Insurance Analysis exercise on all our commercial clients and we are able to offer a complete Risk Management Assessment and Disaster Recovery Plan of your business at your request. This assessment takes a holistic view of your enterprise risk by identifying your risks and evaluating them in financial terms. We will identify areas which if changed or improved could save you money, reduce your insurance spend and benefit your business.
  11. Reviews. An Annual Review Service, which includes a review of your risk exposures and your total insurance spend - Chadwicks will ensure that your spend is market-related in terms of the entire spread of South African insurers.
  12. Claims. Ability to negotiate with insurers, on your behalf, in terms of difficult claims.
  13. Risk Analysis. Our unique (every business is different) Risk & Insurance Analysis ensures that your insurer understands your risk in totality which ultimately ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises at claim stage.
  14. Independent. We are a truly independent brokerage. You are therefore assured that there are no conflict of interests as our shares are owned 100% by the stakeholders (insurer involvement in a brokerage, for example, may prejudice, you the client, in virtually all aspects of the insurance transaction).
  15. BEE. Chadwicks has a B-BBEE recognition of 100% in terms of procurement scoring, so for every rand of premium spent with Chadwicks, you will be able to claim a rand in terms of your companies own B-BBEE scorecard
  16. Newsletters. You will receive regular newsletters, which are sent electronically. The newsletters offer practical insurance advice and news in terms of risk and insurance matters.
  17. Dedicated. Our dedicated claims staff act quickly and decisively when handling your losses. A dedicated person will be assigned to your account should you appoint us as your brokers. Our multi -skilled claims technicians are able to handle all your claims regardless of the type of policy.
  18. Claim Process. The entire claim process, from the appointment of the assessors to the claim settlement, is managed in-house.
  19. Policy Maintenance. A dedicated contact person will be allocated your account should you appoint us as your brokers. The responsible person will be qualified to render Short Term insurance advice and facilitate policy amendments based on your instructions.
  20. Website. The Chadwicks short term insurance broker's website was designed to take the jargon out of insurance by offering simple risk and insurance explanations. In addition, claims can be submitted online.

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