Our Story

At Chadwicks, we are very proud of what we have achieved to date. We never aimed to be the biggest broker, instead, we strive for personalized service, quality, excellence and long standing, meaningful client, employee and supplier relationships.

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Mission Statement

Chadwicks aim to position themselves, in the minds of South African business, as a professional short term broker of exceptional quality. To be achieved through sustained operational excellence, underpinned by expert risk analysis, top class personalised service, motivated staff, solid insurer partnerships and an ongoing quest to master insurance processes.

Short Term Insurance Available

The short term Insurance & Risk Management Division of Chadwicks specialises in all insurable financial losses, particularly:

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    Liability insurance

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    Business insurance

  • Business Blocks Fire

    Fire insurance

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    Theft insurance

  • Personal Blocks6

    Car insurance

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    Construction insurance

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    Credit insurance

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    Franchise insurance

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    Engineering insurance

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    Personal insurance

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    Marine insurance

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    Travel insurance

Contact Us for Quality Insurance

Please take a moment to view the Chadwicks Risk & Insurance Brokers' website for short term insurance in South Africa. We hope to have the opportunity of presenting our full array of products and services to you (should you not already be a Chadwicks client).

Chadwicks Risk & Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is a short term insurance brokerage company in South Africa, based in the Western Cape.

We were established in 2003 to satisfy a clear consumer demand: a professional independent brokerage with a strong focus on service with the personal touch.

It is no secret that we owe our success to an uncompromising commitment to deliver an excellent, professional brokering service throughout all aspects of our business.


The founder of Chadwicks Risk & Insurance, Tim Chadwick has over a long period of time, worked for most of the top insurers in South Africa, Insurance Administrators and importantly, as a professional short term insurance broker.

Tim is an Associate of the Insurance Institute of South Africa and has is actively involved in the risk analysis of each and every commercial risk placed with Chadwicks.

Dynamic Insurance Brokers

Our dynamic and professional team has a wide range of expertise and specialised industry knowledge, which ensures you are provided with the best possible insurance product at the best price. Chadwicks Risk & Insurance is large enough to provide a professional infrastructure and small enough to provide quality personalised service.

Chadwicks has the experience and market exposure to handle any risk.

Chadwicks has evolved into one of South Africa's most comprehensive insurance broking houses, providing risk and insurance solutions to a wide diversity of clients. Regardless of the risks you face, we will take the time to understand the risks that are unique to your company as well as to your sector. We constantly strive to exceed your service expectations and are proud to state that our client retention rate is in the order of 95%.

Changes in technology have dramatically altered the way we do business; we view these developments as an opportunity to serve you better. We understand that in order to succeed in business we must be able to respond promptly and professionally to your enquiries, be it email, phone or in person. Most importantly, each of our customers are assigned a licensed, professional advisor, in order to ensure our high level of service is maintained.

In short, our trademark: “Insurance Fast, Friendly & Simple" embodies what Chadwicks Risk & Short Term Insurance Brokerage Company in South Africa is all about.

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