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Machinery Breakdown Insurance Overview

If your business or organization owns, operates or depends upon some type of equipment to generate revenue, you need machinery breakdown insurance. Do you use electricity? Do you heat, cool or refrigerate your premises? Do you have communication networks? Do you manufacture or process goods? Do you use equipment to sell, deliver service or help you keep track of sales? Do you use hot water? If so, you need the best machinery breakdown insurance South Africa offers.

  • Engineering Insurance Examples

The broadcast, publishing and production industries are just one non-traditional example of industries with a need to insure against loss arising from mechanical breakdown electrical currents, off-premises power failure arching and electrical disturbance. We normally think of this type of coverage when it comes to insuring a computer. But why wouldn't other critical high value equipment such as broadcast antennas or towers, camera packages, edit suites, desktop publishing and printing equipment share these same coverage issues? In fact, with computer technology is so intertwined, it's increasingly difficult to discern where the "computer" stops and today's state-of-the-art production, telecommunications and publishing equipment takes over. Machinery breakdown insurance covers many types of equipment. It protects electrical systems, air conditioning and refrigeration; mechanical equipment, modern office and production related equipment in addition to heating systems such as boilers.

  • How is Machinery Breakdown Insurance different from warranties or service contracts?

Warranties and service contracts are important but they don't cover many of the common causes of machinery breakdowns. Maintenance contracts cover routine service such as cleaning or adjustment. But they don't pay for damage due to operator error, the cause of over 35% of machinery breakdowns. Machinery Breakdown insurance does. Warranties and maintenance contracts also don't pay for business interruption or income loss resulting from breakdown. Nor do they pay for spoilage, damage to surrounding property or extra expenses to restore operations. Machinery Breakdown insurance can cover all these risks. 

Find out more about securing the best machinery breakdown insurance in South Africa by calling one of our informed and professional engineering insurance brokers. 


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